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Makhana finds diverse culinary applications, serving as a wholesome gluten-free ingredient. It enhances snacks, enriches curries, and sweetens desserts, renowned for its adaptability and nutritional advantages.

Country of origin - India
Naturally produced 
No preservatives used
Features-Cholesterol Free, High Protein, Gluten-Free, High Fib
re, Anti Aging

Quality - A Grade
Color -  White

Size of Fox Nuts - Any size between 9mm to 22mm available

Shelf Life - Flavored Makhana 9 months and Raw Makhana 12 months
Storage Instructions - Cool & Dry Place

Flavors Available

Classic Salted               Salt N Pepper

Cheese                          BBQ

Indian Chat                    Mexicon

Peri Peri                         Lemon Chilli

Organic Mint 

Tangy Tomato 


Bulk - HDPE PP Bags (Size as per your requirement)
Retail - Plastic Pet Jar & Zip Pouch Pack


Shipping Documents

Bill of Lading, Invoice, Phytosanitary Certificate, Packing List, Certificate of Origin and any other documents as per your requirements.


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